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What is WordPress.org? Overall, WordPress is an ideal platform for bloggers at all levels of experience, provided that time is invested to learn the ins and outs of the system. It is a very useful tool for new or experienced bloggers who plan to invest in their blogs long term, if not, then Posterous and Tumblr may be a better fit.

Looking at the WordPress website, it appears to be a well organized and easy site to use. They attempt to make the installation process very painless by placing a “download WordPress” button in two obvious places on the main page. However, they make this process slightly confusing by offering several different sets of directions on how to setup and install, which can easily confuse and overwhelm a new blogger.

Despite the confusing and time-consuming start, the possibilities are endless with WordPress. With options to customize the URL for the blog, the endless amount of themes, the support/help, the mobile app options, and the ability to set up multiple blogs, WordPress is a great place for long term bloggers once gotten over the learning curve.

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