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Contact Information


Short Bio

Dr. Xu is an associate professor of Information Technology in the school of Science and Technology. She has been working at GGC since the fall of 2007. Prior to joining GGC, she was an instructor at Louisiana Technical College for two years. She found her passion for teaching while working as a teaching assistant at Louisiana Tech University. She has taught a variety of classes and her teaching interests include, but are not limited to, wed development, computer networks, programming languages, digital media, network security and artificial intelligence. She is devoted to her students inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to engage the students in her classes, she is also

  • supervising and guiding students in various individual projects(STEC4500)such as developing web animation for GGC faculty, creating web application to facilitate the non-profit organizations.
  • participating and help organizing the Tech Ambassador Program (TAP)to retain students and to build technical leaders, especial woman and students in under-represented groups.
  • developing and leading the service learning course(STEC4800) to continue and expand the TAP program

Dr. Xin Xu was the recipient of the Outstanding Liaison Award from the STARS Corporation in 2015 to recognize her effort in TAP.

Opportunities for IT Student

Classes Taught at GGC

  • Web Development
  • Intro to Networks
  • Adv. Networks
  • Intro to Database
  • Intro to Information System

Class Project From Students

Scratch Tutorial

File:Instruction for Dancing Animation.docx

Fall 2010 students graphic design and animation competition: Vote Here !!

Dgrosudonation.gif#027(Congratulations! First Place Winner!)

  • Winner of Animation Design

Recycle-yur-organs.gif By Matthew

  • #012 by Scott

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Students Working on ITEC1001 Group Project



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