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Welcome to Tracey Seymour's Wiki Page

Hi, this is my first Wiki page - how exciting!

An Introduction to Me

My name is Tracey Seymour, I'm a non-traditional student, and hopefully this is my last semester at GGC. I can be contacted at


I started my college career many years ago with the best of intentions, but became a part-time student so I could work full-time. I ended up dropping a lot of those courses because work was so intense, and it required I traveled a good bit of the time. While I am glad I had the opportunity to travel, I wish I had finished my education first. I worked for a software company for a little over 9 years, ending my career with them as a Quality Assurance Manager. In October 2008 I was laid off while I was still on disability from having back surgery, which was due to being rear-ended by an illegal driver on I-85. I had two discs in my back replaced, and ultimately I am glad I did it, because my back is much better for it. After I was laid off, I decided it would be best to go back to school, so I started GGC in January 2009, and I have been here since.


My interests include gardening, quilting, knitting, soap making, and reading.

My music tastes run from oldies through early 90's, although there are a few new artists I like. I'm becoming more like my parents all the time, "they all sound the same to me". That mostly applies to the pop-princesses and boy wonder bands.

I've visited many places in the United States and a few in Canada. I can understand why people fall in love with California (the scenery is gorgeous), but can understand just as readily why they fall out of love with it when they see the price tag. San Francisco is great, Los Angeles is dirty, Santa Barbara you better be a blond, size 4 with breast augmentation or you will not fit in. I have not been to Montana, or Oregon, and would like to see those some time. New York City is great to visit, but I couldn't live there. I will say that most cities are the same, and you get the same chain restaurants, hotels, and shops in every major city. Each city has its own nice/unique feature(s), but the best places are those outside the cities, that's where you find the really beautiful places, and sometimes the best places you'll ever eat.

I would love to own a farm and a few horses. I used to train Egyptian Arabians, and spent summers on my Grandmother's farm with her horses, and I miss messing with them.


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This is a picture of a lovely draft horse known as a Shire. They are very tall, hard-working horses with a great capacity for pulling weight.

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