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Sherish Ali


About Me :)

I am 26 years old and finally a Senior at GGC. I have been in college since 2005 when this campus was still GPC. I worked so much so never got to finish until now. I went to Parkview High school and also went to middle and elementary in Atlanta. I have two sisters one older and one younger so yes I am the middle child. We used to have a pom, like you see in the first picture but he passed away and now we have a new puppy named Casper. I am currently a manager at T-mobile at the Flat Shoals location and a full time student, so my schedule tends to stay extremely hectic. I have always worked in telecommunications and now after 8 years I think it is finally time for a change. We are originally from Miami and moved to Atlanta after hurricane Andrew in 92', so all my life I have been in Atlanta. My older sister is in banking and currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee and my little sister goes to GA State and is in healthcare. I am very outgoing, independent, organized, and a big planner, but most of all I just like to have fun. I love to be around family and have learned how important it is after so many years of always working.

Dad and 3 girls.jpg
Casper 3257.jpg
Ma and 3 girls.jpg


  • Working out
    • Mainly Cardio and a little bit of weights
  • Work A Holic
    • Always been in Telecommunications
  • Planner
    • Parties
    • Events
    • Birthdays
    • Weddings
  • Travel
    • Cabo (went last Summer)
    • All over the US (East Coast)
    • Going to Italy (In May)
    • Want to go to Brazil (hopefully next year)
  • Sports
    • Basketball
    • Football
  • Movies
    • Scary
    • Comedy
    • Action
  • Shopping
    • For some reason it just makes me feel better lol


  1. gif animation
  2. Project 3
  3. videoproject

Favorite Links

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Engadget
  4. Google

Important Links

  1. ClassList
  2. Another Student

In-Class Activities

  1. Chapter 2 Activity 2
  2. Chapter 6 Activity 1
  3. Chapter 3 Activity 2
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