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My Email address is: rmcguffi@ggc (dot) edu
Cell number: 678-516-3079
I am a part-time instructor in the School of Science and Technology at the Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

My background in computers dates back to 1997 when my first technical job was with one of the first online banks. I had a friend who showed me some basic Unix commands and I was hooked. I worked for several different companies all using technology to meet objectives.

My intention is to have serious discussions on how computers are part of our daily lives. We will also look at how this rapidly changing industry affects every career path. We will also look at how can technology be leveraged to advance our community.



Fall 2011 ITEC 2110 Digital Media classes
Spring 2012 ITEC 2110 Digital Media classes

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