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Welcome to Michael Seymour's Wiki Page

Hello and welcome to my page. Please feel free to browse around and if you see something interesting or would like to speak to me, email me @


Former Military

Former Law Enforcement

Lifelong Student

I attended high school in upstate NY in the town of Clinton and started my college career at Syracuse University. I left school for various reasons to take a series of jobs, first as a medic in the United States Air Force, followed by spending a number of years as a Gwinnett County Police Officer. I am very glad to be back at school and to have reached my final baccalaureate semester. I am looking forward to pursuing a doctorate at UGA in Microbiology next fall, and to the birth of my first child later this semester. I have traveled widely and plan on visiting both Ireland and England to trace my genealogical history. If you have any questions about law enforcement or life as an enlisted member of the military, please feel free to contact me.


Science (All Branches) w/ emphasis on Evolutionary Biology

Reading (A little bit of everything)



Religion (Comparative)




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Dr Kairui Chen's Wiki Page

Fragile X Page

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Finally, this next website is for the wounded Warrior Project, a charity that ensures that our fallen and injured soldiers, and their families, are supported during their times of need. Even if you do not believe in the tenets of our military culture, or in the wars we may be prosecuting abroad, I still would ask that you support the troops themselves as your freedom is ensured only through their selfless sacrifice.

Digital Media Class Projects

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