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Hello WelcomeTo My Page

My Name Is Kalyn Reynolds

Little Bit About Myself

  • I am 20 years old currently studying early childhood education .

I love kids and I especially want to be able to teach them things like art in the future. I guess it could be because I'm a big Child at heart.



  • In my spare time i enjoy all sorts of art including:
  1. painting
  2. sketching
  3. sewing
  4. embroidery
  5. sculpture
  • Originally i wanted to pursue an art major, unfortunately GGC did not have one.
  • i like to call myself a Disney fanatic simply because i like all things Disney and i collect all and everything Disney related.

from bedsheets to snow globe, if its Disney i buy it.

  • Im also really big on anime and kpop. have been into kpop for 7 yearas now and anime since i was 9. My favorite shows would have to be My Hero Academia and Samurai Champloo

anime anime

  • Im also interested in multiple different types of music ranging from KPOP to RnB.

My top 5 artist being

  1. Hippocampus
  2. mesago
  3. Robb Bank$
  4. amine

Personal Life

  • i currently have 5 pets but i am hoping to gain more soon.
  1. my russian hamster Cayne. She just recently became a part of my animal family on July 28, my dads birthday. She loves vegetables and sunflower seeds. She has a bit of a nibbling problem but i feel like that is just because i work at a food place so i always smell like food.


  1. my lab Winston (aka Winsy, aka Sir Winsterton) MY family got him in 2007, his birthday landing right before Christmas. Currently he is 11 years old and going strong, he eats literally everything in the house from krispy kreme doughnuts to whole rotisserie chicken.


  • i originally was born in Flint, Mi, but i moved to kentucky wheh i was 8. After living there for 2 years we moved to Tennessee, and then in 2015 we moved here to Georgia.

So far is A lot better than Tennessee and Michigan combined.

Favorite Links

Dog Of Wisdom


  • Recently I have been interested in designing and decorate the backs of denim jackets with things like Disney characters and comic book characters.

My last project was designing an embroidery jacket included with a portrait of John Stewart from my boyfriend.


Favorite Photos

grandma bf brother

ITEC 2110 Digital Media Projects

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