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A little about Kristen



My name is Kristen Moore. I was born on August 9 in Henry County Georgia. I moved to Gwinnett County when I was five and have lived here ever since. I am the oldest of three girls. I graduated from Dacula High School and attended Gainesville State. I then transferred to the University of West Georgia where I studied pre-med. After a few years of that, I transferred back to Gainesville State and Graduated in December of 2010 with my Psychology degree. I have no desire to be a psychologist, so I enrolled here at GGC and am currently a Special Education Major with a minor in Political Science. I have played soccer for 23 years and currently play for the Atlanta Fire. My team has won the State cup three years in a row. We also won the Mardi Gras Tournament of 2012 and were invited to play for the National Title in Houston Texas last May. When i'm not in school or playing soccer, i'm bar tending at the Mall of Georgia Olive Garden where I have worked for the past 6 1/2 years. I love:

  • being outdoors
  • the beach
  • playing soccer
  • golf

I am a die hard University of Georgia Bulldog fan. I love Athens during football season cheering on the Dawgs. I also am of course an Atlanta Braves fan, but also, a Boson Red Sox fan. Any other questions, just ask! :)


Extra Soccer Page


As I said earlier I have played soccer for 23 years. I have played every position just about but have recently in the past few years settled on Right Outside back or in simple terms, defense. I prevent anyone from reaching my goalie essentially. I have played for several teams and recently stated I play for the Atlanta Fire. They are one of the biggest clubs in Georgia and anyone who really wants to further themselves as a soccer player should check them out. Any information you could possibly need can be found on their website by clicking here: Atlanta Fire


I have attended several different colleges and have attempted several different majors. Never quite really figured out what I wanted to do till recently when I decided upon Education here at GGC. I think GGC offers an incredibly challenging curriculum which better prepares its students for the outside world. You can learn all about my major of choice by clicking below. GGC

Friends Pages


I have some pretty awesome friends if I do say so myself. You can learn all about one of them by clicking below. Her name is Addie Quasnick, or Dr. Q as I like to call her.

Closing Statements

Pretty much i'm just that AWESOME!!!

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