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Random info

  • Name is Joshua Lingerfelt
  • Majoring in IT
  • Age 18

Career Goals

I plans to major in Information Technology. My plan is to get core classes completed at Georgia Gwinnett College and then transfer to Georgia Southern in order to obtain a bachelors degree. Later, I plans to continue my education to a masters degree but I have not decided when to do so. I am planning to do either computer programming or engineering as my career after college and am leaning towards programming at this time.


Things I like

I like to play games on my computer with my friends. I play multiple different genres like FPS, survival, dungeon-crawler, and multiple RPG types. I play PC only because I don't want to buy other game consoles. I like to ride my bike when it is not too cold outside. Also, I like to just talk with my friends and go places to just hang out with them even it is it just walking around a store. My favorite sport to watch is Football but don't really have a favorite team but would lean more towards Falcons just because I live in Georgia. I like to listen to older rock music and artists like Led Zeppelin and Queen.


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