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Dr. Evelyn Ruth Brannock

Assistant Professor of Information Technology

Department: School of Science and Technology

Office: C2239

Cell: 678.939.9007


DSC 3194 EvelynBrannock09.jpg

Dr. Brannock is an Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Georgia Gwinnett College. Brannock's primary interests include digital signal processing, with an emphasis on the discrete wavelet transform, data security, especially in the area of watermarking, bioinformatics, software engineering and model driven architecture (MDA). Before obtaining her Ph.D. in computer science at Georgia State University, Brannock worked in the field of information technology for over two decades. Her career started with training and consulting for an object oriented COBOL application development toolset. Her last position was as an integration architect with expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM). The bulk of her experience has been with the Fortune 50. She was also a founder, owner and president of MouseKids. Brannock has published several papers and journal articles in the fields of digital image processing, watermarking, and bioinformatics. She has been invited to give presentations about model driven architectures (MDA). Brannock's teaching philosophy is best summarized by Plutarch; "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited."

ITEC 4750 is a new course to be taught in Fall 2014 The course addresses how processes in an organization can be improved, innovated, and enabled by information technology. The course examines the methods and techniques to analyze, design, implement, automate, and integrate enterprise processes using information technology and systems. Pre-reqs: Intermediate Programming, Introduction to Databases and Systems Analysis and Design. More information and syllabus TBD.

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