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Welcome to My Wiki Page!

About Me

My name is Danielle Carroll. I am eighteen years old and this is my second semester at GGC. I graduated in May 2010 from Grayson High School. I hope to major in Early Childhood Education. I want to be able to make a difference in a child's life.

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My Favorite Hobbies

I enjoy watching movies. Some of my favorites are Role Models, the Saw series, and the Twilight series.

Movies DCarroll.jpg Twilight book DC.jpg

I also adore my two dogs. I have a retriever named Harley and he is 11 years old. I also have a dog named Bella, and she is two years old. She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Shitzu mix.

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I have a shopping addiction! Clothes, jewelry, shoes, anything! I love trying new styles and finding good sales!

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I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Logan and my amazing friends.

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My Projects

My Podcast

My Bitmap Project and My Animation

My Video Project

My Blender Animation

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