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Welcome to the GGC Wiki site.

Candace Timpte, Ph.D.

My official GGC profile is here *[[1]]

In the meantime, you can contact me at or phone 678-472-9280. Now stop procrastinating and get back to work!! CT

Biol4700 Capstone Project Wikis see courses

Genetic Disease Wikis Each student in my Spring 2010 genetics class built a wiki page for a genetic disease which we hope to assemble, over many semesters, into an interactive map of diseases of the human genome.

Human Chromosomes and Genetic Disease Map Graphical Map: mouse over or click on arrows to see disease page

  • An interactive graphical map of the human chromosomes with student research on the disease is here[[2]]

Click on an arrow to see the disease and student research project about the disease.

The 'final' map in progress

Link to page Spring 2010: This page demonstrates the page as we built it.

Older works

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