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Charity Phelps

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    You may see me struggle,
       But you will never see me fall.


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My name is Charity Phelps and I am twenty five years old. I was born and raised here in Gwinnett County. I obtained my Associate's Degree from Georgia Perimeter College and transferred here to finish my BBA in Marketing. I bought a house two years ago in Lawrenceville, Georgia when I was twenty two and I love being a homeowner. I currently work as a server at a dine-in movie theater in Brookhaven called CineBistro. I have one older brother, Chad, who is two years older than me and lives in Douglasville, Georgia working as a mechanic at a Kia Dealership. I have two dogs, Tyson and Lola. Tyson is nine years old and mixed with Pit Bull and Labrador. Lola is just seven months old and mixed with Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, and Mastiff.
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I have been dating my boyfriend, Dominique, for almost two years now.
We met while I was working at my last job where he still currently works, Studio Movie Grill.
He is also a student here at GGC majoring in Biology, and hopes to one day work with animals.
We have SO much fun together; we love hanging out and doing new things.
We have a bucket list, which is shown below in more detail, that we love to use to try new things.
We've gone on one vacation together to Jacksonville, Florida and St. Augustine, Florida. It was an amazing time.
We are planning our next vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the end of this summer.

Random Facts About Me

  • I'm honest & sarcastic, and I hate liars.
  • I'm scared of getting old.
  • I did not graduate from high school, but won't let that hold me back.
  • I like taking pictures and love magic tricks.
  • I'm a very picky eater and hate coffee & tea.
  • To me, predictability is comforting, but too much is boring.
  • I'm OCD, especially when it comes to planning, organizing, and cleaning.
  • I'm a Virgo.


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Bucket List

My boyfriend and I have an extensive bucket list that we started working on a year and a half ago.
We've completed five things and have many more to come. We are very excited to continuously cross more and more items off our list!

  • Completed Bucket List
  1. Parasailing
  2. Ziplining
  3. Helicopter Ride
  4. Skydiving
  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride

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  • Bucket List Still To Come...
  1. Hang Gliding
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Swim with Dolphins
  4. Visit Eiffel Tower at Night
  5. Visit Pyramids in Egypt
  6. And MANY More...!!

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  1. GIF Animation Project
  2. Vector Graphics Project
  3. Educational Video Project

In Class Activities

  1. Chapter Two Activity Two
  2. Chapter Six Activity One
  3. Chapter Three Activity One
  4. Chapter Three Activity Two

Favorite Links

  1. Amazon
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. GGC

Additional Links

  1. Class List
  2. Another Student

Favorite Photos of my Favorite People

My boyfriend, Dominique; two best friends, Vanessa and Anna; goddaughter, Ava Rose.

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