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Welcome to Dr. Kim's WiKi Homepage.


Chulsung Kim (Ph.D.)

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Georgia Gwinnett College
(678) 407-5776
my website

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Ph.D.: Iowa State University, Ames, IA (Advisor: Dr. Say Kee Ong)
M.S. : Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY
B.S. : Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


limiting Reagent Lab Data

CH 1

Lead Project

GGC map_1
GGC map_2

research paper information

research paper template

06_01_Jenny, Justin, Harry

06_03_Amber, Jennifer, Jo Jo

06_07_Megan, Jill, Reed, Jonathan

06_02_Adam, Kyle(Jordan), Jane

08_06_Ian, Rhys, Jessica

08_08_Ibrahiim, Alex, Tia

06_06_Bobby, Chris, Audry



American Chemical Society Reference Style Guide

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