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All About Addie


My name is Addie. I am a non-traditional student in my sophmore/junior year at GGC. I am a Math EDU major and my ultimate goal is to become a Dr. of Math. I work as a full time employee at Dominicks in Buford as a manager, and have worked there full time for three years. Dominicks in Buford A little self advertising never hurt anyone. I am a very organized person and LOVE school. Some might even call me a nerd. I live in my own house with my best friend and a roommate and have two babies, Lucy and Parker, Well baby kitties...

Outside of school

I know your probably thinking, well other than work and school, what else do you do? ha! Like I have any time outside of working 40 + hours and taking 16 hours of school...well let me tell you! I enjoy the wonderful world of Pinterest. I am very into "do-it-yourself" home projects. My latest one was a mantle decor with painted wine bottles.
I also am very interested in NFL Football. RISE UP FALCONS!! Sundays are my favorite day, not only because i am off of school and work, but also because I enjoy

  • cooking
  • hosting
  • watching football.
  • drinking wine


Well, i was born September 28th, we will just leave the year out, haha! I grew up mainly in Grayson, Ga and have lived in Gwinnett county all my life. I have two sisters who are 7 and 10 years older than me, an older step-brother, and a younger step-sister.

I also have three nieces ranging from the ages of 18 to 8 months. I am the ONLY one of my sisters who have not given my dad and grandchild. I graduated from Collins Hill High School back in 2004, and tried the college route, but i was not mentally ready or responsible enough for college, so it took me a few years to come back. Now i am at GGC finishing out my college career and trying to make the best out of these last few years as a student. While i have been here I have had the opportunity to work with wiki before in an EDU class talking about cognitive process


In the next five years, i am looking forward to graduating college with honors, teaching at a high school in Gwinnett County, while i go back for my masters and Dr. degree. I am also looking forward to getting married and starting a family. I have been with my love for awhile now, and cannot wait to spend the future together. i know i know, enough with all the ushy-guhsy stuff.

Wrapped up in a nut shell

I am all-in-all an awesome person! I love to laugh and have fun. I am a total girl, a hopeless romantic, and very, much a caregiver.I take pride in what I do and always try my best. I think that wraps up a lil that most don't know about me, and if you wanna know more, feel free to ask!
Thanks for visiting my wiki page!!!!

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