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=Welcome to Aria's WIKI PAGE


My Likes and Interests

  • Hi my name is Ariowa or Aria for short.
  * I am very outgoing and love to have fun.
 *I love modeling and photography. 
  *I was born in Atlanta and I am 22.
  * I have just been recently engaged 
 *I enjoy children. My major is early childhood education.
   *I also write poetry and love art.

Aoriakhi mic.jpg

I also enjoy nature!!

                              Aoriakhi pici.jpg


Internal Links

Dr.Chen's Wiki Page

Classmate's Wiki

External Link

Georgia Gwinnett Page

Future Projects

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Check out my Podcast Project

File:03 Fur Elise podcast 1.wav

Take a look at my GIMP PROJECT

Aoriakhi bird1.jpgAoriakhi bird2.jpgAoriakhi bird3.jpgAoriakhi bird4.jpgAoriakhi bird5.jpgAoriakhi bird6.jpg


  • What file extensions are most common to bitmap images? Name at least 3.
  • Are bitmap images easier to work on than vector? Why or Why not?
Usually when you're working with 2D imaging, you should go with bitmapping. Mainly because vector images are usually used for 3D imaging. So I would say it depends on what you're planning on making. Bitmap images are easier for 2D creations and vector images are easier for 3D creations.
  • Why are bitmap images more common in everyday usage? Include its advantages in your answer.
Bitmap images are more common in everyday usage because they can be used to recreate real images at a better quality than vector imaging.
  • What were the most useful feature(s) used in GIMP that helped you with your project?
I found the scissors to be very helpful, and the specifications of layers was nice too. I really enjoyed making this project!
Aoriakhi gimp.gif
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