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Hi! My name is Dr. Allison D'Costa and I am an Assistant Professor in Biology at GGC. Please feel free to contact me! or 678-407-5759.


  • BS (Chemistry), St. Xaviers College, University of Bombay, India
  • PhD (Molecular Biology and BioTechnology), Hahnemann University, Philadelphia

Professional Experience

  • Medical Technologist, Hahnemann Hospital
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan, Kellogg Eye Center,
  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Emory University


  • Otteson, D. C., D'Costa, A. R. and Hitchcock, P. F. (2001). Putative stem cells and the lineage of rod photoreceptors in the mature retina of the goldfish. Dev. Biol 232, 62-76
  • D'Costa, A and Moses K. (2003). Looking up: Regional patterning in the Fly eye. Dev. Cell 5, 665-666
  • D'Costa, A., Reifegerste R., Sierra S., and Moses, K. (2006) The Drosophila ramshackle gene encodes a chromatin-associated protein required for cell morphology in the developing eye. Mech Dev. Aug;123(8):591-604
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