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Our group made a video showing people how to upload 3D content to the web. There's a brief primer on 3D video as well. We specifically uploaded our video to YouTube because it has 3D playback functionality. Group member, Keith, starred as the skater in the footage that we wanted to upload. We demonstrate step-by-step how to upload video to the computer and then the web. We include how to activate 3D playback capability. Our movie was produced in iMovie '09. The group members are:

Link to how-to video on YouTube. This is better quality than the download file below.

Link to actual 3D video content on YouTube.

Supporting Materials

  • We improvised much of our voiceover content in explaining the steps of uploading video, and in our primer on 3D video.
  • We sought guidance from the website 3D Vision Blog for assistance in learning how to post 3D video to YouTube. We experienced trouble in using YouTube's suggested tag for enabling 3D playback, and the aforementioned website showed us a workaround for that issue.
  • The 3D footage was shot using a Sony HDR-TD10.


Pkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 1.pngPkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 2.pngPkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 3.pngPkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 4.pngPkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 5.pngPkmb 2110 16 Screen shot 6.png


Capture a still from the video and use that as an image to show the representative size of your video. Post the link to the video.

Aspect Ratio | Frame Size

File size

Snapshot from Video

The download

16:9 | 960 x 540

146.7 MB

Pkmb 2110 16 repsize.png

To download:
Option-Click here

Technical Details


All of the music we used in this video was stock audio from iMovie '09, the author of which is Apple.

Time markers

Item time (min:seconds)
My first voice-over starts at time: 0:21
My second voice-over starts at time: 3:07
My first transition begins at time: 0:17
My second transition begins at time: 0:36
My title sequence begins at time: 0:13
My credit sequence begins at time: 5:00
My first still image begins at time: 1:49
My second still image begins at time: 1:53


We used the Vignette filter in our intro scene, and the Bleach Bypass filter in our skating scene. Our step intro scenes incorporated the Aged Film filter.
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