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Twiddla ScreenShot
What is Without looking in the FAQs, I would say an internet whiteboard for people to use in real-time. Looking at the FAQs, it is described as an “online collaboration tool that’s easy to use . . . and is free for just about anybody.” In all honesty, it is just that, easy to use. You do not have to sign up, add plug-ins (extensions), or download. Plus, it’s all free. All that is needed is a web browser and an internet connection and Twiddla is good to go.

The simple design, cost (free), and all the things that can be done with it, only leaves one con – no mobile option. However, with the ability to interact with the web and mark it up at the same time with a group of people can be very useful, whether it be for work or for college students putting together a last minute project. The included voice chat (conference calling) is what makes web application so great. Plus, it’s free! There are upgrades depending your personal needs but overall, Twiddla is a great and simple web application for anyone to use.

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