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The Business Network is a society of entrepreneurs, and / or aspiring entrepreneurs, that will come together and meet to help motivate, assist, and support one another in each individual’s realization of their entrepreneurial dreams and hopes. The Business Network will operate under the notion and idea that “Anything is possible if you follow your dreams.” The first step towards starting any business is to have a dream or a hope for yourself or for your business. Our goal is to help provide a substantial resource base for students who want to start their own business. As a group, the hope is to provide knowledge and assistance for each other through college-based knowledge and field experience. The Business Network would like to give others ample opportunities to network with other small businesses and small business affiliates before graduation.

Site Link: The Business Network

Services Currently Offered

Website Design and Development
Company Logo Design
Marketing Strategies

Past Clients

The Business Network's past clients include companies that met our requirements to provide charity work.

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