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This is a place where
current and former students of mine
can post ADVICE, suggestions & WARNINGS to those who are facing
the age-old GGC dilemma:
Digital Media or Intro to Programming...

Dude... this class is totally awe-sum!

HEY! That last guy is completely INSANE! This class kicked my... well, you get the picture!
Don't take this class thinking that you can surf the net during class and pass.

OK, so those aren't comments posted by students, I posted them... guilty
The idea here is that current and former students know what the class is like (as a student) WAY better than the prof.

This is a place for you guys to provide some advice to those that follow.

Since the text is too impossibly dense for any kind of memory retention, your best course is to focus on the lectures. Between the lectures, and the class notes provided, you will have ample information to regurgitate on the exams. REMEMBER: He allows you a single-sided 8.5x11 piece of paper to write down notes. Go through his list of topics for the test. Go through the old tests, and research the answers in the lectures. use these religiously to fill out your crib sheet.

NOTE: If there is ever any discrepancy between what he says and what the text says, go with what he says. Try to use his exact works whenever possible. He tries to be flexible with paraphrases if you have the right concept, but better to be safe then to argue your case after tests are returned.

SAVE YOUR CRIB SHEETS!!!! When he goes over the tests, update them with the correct answers of anything you miss. He will allow you four crib sheets for the final, so just update the work you have already done. Be prepared for him to ask about slightly different aspects of the same information on the final. He likes to turn the data 90 degrees the second time around to see if you really grasp the concepts.

This class is ridiculously hard, but you can get through it. Use the in-class time to work on the projects and ASK FOR HELP/EXAMPLES IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE! The tests are stupidly hard, and unless you are a guru in this field you will most likely not get an A on them. But all and all it isn't a bad class. Actually kinda fun once you figure out some of the things you're doing.


RS, I *AM* a guru! Worse, I am a Geek. I still had difficulty on half the tests

This class is a lot of work but it is managable as long as you start your projects when theyre assigned instead of waiting until the last minute. There are a lot of resources and tutorials to get you through. The tests are no big deal because ultimitley you get to take them twice and replace your grade once you know all the info :)

  • NON-IT Majors- Be glad you decided to take Digital Media instead of Programming.
  • IT Majors- Enjoy it, because Programming is next, lol.

Aye, Finished Digital media last term and tackling programming this semester. Here's the primary difference between the two: Digital media is 90% rote regurgitation. Even the projects are less about aesthetics and more about covering the bases. So there is a lot of memorization involved. Intro Programming requires more of a participatory style and hands-on approach. Best advise I can offer: Analytical people: head for Digital media - Creative types: Go for Programming.

I have not taken programming yet, so I cannot say which is better. I have, however, seen people work there rear ends of when they took programming. Digital Media is straight forward. You do not even have to memorize anything in there, if you have Dr. Rowan can't say about the other teachers. If you take decent notes you will make 80+ on the tests, open note test! The final is the same. Project are pretty easy, in my humble opinion, unless you are like me and make everything x10 harder. I agree with the person on top of me, "Best advise I can offer: Analytical people: head for Digital media - Creative types: Go for Programming." I have to rant on some people, sorry! I surfed the web and I have an "A" in the class. Played some games. I do do my work though. I guess thats why I am awesome. Digital Media=WIN!!

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