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Welcome to the CHEM 1211 course Wiki page for section 04. This is where you will collaboratively create notes for use in the course. Example of the type of content this wiki can contain includes:

    • Please use this form to notify me if you plan to be or have been absent; refer to the syllabus for specific policies.***Absence Notification Form - Dr. Bell CHEM1211-04
  • Whatever you create

What is important is that everyone contributes to the wiki. There are many ways to contribute. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Post content
  • Organize/restructure content
  • Suggest content that is needed

Wikis are an example of viral content. To quote from []

One of the most useful attributes of introducing a wiki into an organization is its viral nature. Once a few people begin to use the wiki, they often realize that they could be even more efficient if only their colleagues were using the wiki too. Soon, wiki accounts are spreading exponentially.

What this means is that the more your use and contribute to the wiki, the better a resource it will be. In this class, we're going to be on the leading edge, demonstrating how useful a wiki can be in classes like this one. My hope is that as you see that it is useful, we'll be able to spread the use of wikis to other courses, especially non-IT courses.

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