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3D Scanning Microsoft Kinect

Patrick Romero

Valentin Meica


For our video we highlighted the main aspects of 3D scanning using the Microsoft Kinect. We were unable to produce our own examples as the freeware that we were using was being un cooperative. Instead we used prime examples from youtube where people were able to capture the raw power of what the Kinect can produce as far as 3D imaging and scanning goes.

Supporting Materials

"Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs.For this project we are going to show you how the kinect can be used with 3d scanning and graphics Here are some examples.

Along with scanning objects you can also capture a 3d image of a person.

Other uses for 3D scanning are in the gaming and movie industy because it is often faster to scan a real world object than to create it with 3d modeling software. "


YouTube videos




Frame Size

File size

Snapshot from Video

The download

1280 x 720

40.2 Mega bytes


To download:
Option-Click here


Universal Studios Theme song
The music I used in this video: ACDC "Back in Black"

Time markers

Item time (min:seconds)
My first voice-over starts at time: 0:28
My second voice-over starts at time: 1:27
My third voice-over starts at time: 2:20
My first transition begins at time: 0:25
My second transition begins at time: 0:41
My title sequence begins at time: 0:06
My credit sequence begins at time: 2:43
My first still image begins at time: 0:04
My second still image begins at time: 0:26
My unique effect starts at time: 0:26

Unique Effect

My unique effect is the picture in picture effect
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