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The following will be notes, documents, and any additional information relevant to the Principles of Management (BUSA3000).



Course Outline

Power Point Slides

These have been retyped on wiki so you can easily print it without all of the background noise and it has in-class notes that will be added to it as we go.

Test Study Guides

Manager Interviews Project

Individual Report

The Individual Report includes Interview Responses and Post-Interview Information Analysis (see information below) for each of your three managers interviewed. Your individual written report is due at the start of class March 9th and is worth 10% of your final grade.

Team Report

The Team Report includes the Team Analysis of all interviews including text and graphical content (see information below). The Team Report is 5% of your final grade. Team presentation is 5% of your final grade (see information below). Team Presentations start April 27th.

Project Objective

The objective of the Manager Interviews Project is for students to gain additional insights into management outside of the classroom by interviewing managers working in an area in which the student is interested.

Goals of the project

1) To gain a better understanding of the everyday managerial responsibilities & challenges.

2) To reinforce understanding that the types responsibilities held by managers tend to vary based on management level (frontline, mid-level, or top-management).

3) To better understand how the external environment impacts organizations.

4) To gain practical managerial advice from experienced, successful, real-life managers.

5)To gain insights into the similarities and differences of managers working in different organizations and industries.

6) To provide an opportunity for student professional development by interacting with professionals in their field of interest

Project Process

Individual Written Report Process

Each individual is responsible interviewing at least three individuals for their portion of the project.

Responses for each manager should be typed on separate “Interview Questions” form using complete sentences.

After conducting each interview, complete a “Post-Interview Information Analysis” form using the interview responses. “Post-Interview Information Analysis” sheets should also be typed.

Your Individual Written Report will include typed responses for each interview question (for each manager) and post-interview information analysis for each manager interviewed.

Team Written Report Process

After the instructor returns the individual reports to students, team members should meet to identify similarities and differences in responses among managers. Comparing responses will enable the group to identify themes and patterns in the responses. The team should report their findings using text and graphics in a written report addressing all content in “Group Analysis of all Interviews” sheet. Printed slides from the powerpoint presentation (see below) is not an acceptable format for the written report. For the Team Presentation, each team should create a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation that summarizes findings from “Group Analysis of All Interviews” report.

Interview Requirements

Managers interviewed must supervise at least one part or full time employee Managers should be with their current organization for at least one year. A team member should interview managers that have similar positions (e.g. marketing, production, etc) or similar industries (e.g. retail, real estate). However, different team members are welcome to interview managers in different areas.


Interview managers who have experience and professional background. For example, you will likely learn more from interviewing a 32-year old supervisor with 10 years experience at an accounting firm than a 20-year old assistant manager with 1 year experience at a fast food restaurant.

Start contacting potential interviewees early (before Jan. 31). Some people won’t return your call. Some people won’t be available to meet with you right away. Some people will have to cancel and reschedule. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Interview individuals in person. E-mailing an interviewee the interview questions is not acceptable and they will be less likely to give you quality responses needed for full credit.

Content and format for Individual Report


Include cover sheet

A list of managers interviewed with contact information including phone/e-mail.

A page showing you have e-mailed a soft copy of your report to all team members. Three Interview Question sheets with typed responses for each manager (use complete sentences).

Three Post-Interview Analysis sheets with typed responses for each manager (use complete sentences.


Font: Times new roman, size 12. 1” page margins

Compiled report in a ½” or 1” three ring binder with appropriately tabbed sections.

Content and format for Team Written report


Include cover sheet

A list of managers interviewed with contact information including phone/e-mail.

Text and graphical (charts, tables, etc) content outlining findings from questions asked in “Group Analysis of all Interviews” sheet.


Font: Times New Roman, size 12 with 1” page margins.

Compiled report in a ½” or 1” three ring binder with appropriately tabbed sections Printed slides from Team PowerPoint presentation is an unacceptable format.

Team Building Exercises


"To facilitate the development of team building skills, each student will be assigned to a group which will be responsible for researching, proposing, and facilitating a team building exercise. Team building exercises will focus on outcomes identified by the text as important to the successful functioning of teams, including building trust, improving communication, developing group problem solving skills, etc. Activities should appropriate for groups of 3 or 4, with five to seven groups in each class. Activities, including a debriefing should last approximately 15-20 minutes. All activities must be approved in advance by the instructor. More details regarding the assignment will be provided."
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