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Poster Assignment
Basic Tutorial

  • Create a political poster for a non-existent candidate
    • For any office, real or imaginary
  • Create a vector graphic logo for your candidate
    • The logo needs to include a vector graphic | tracing of the individual from their photo (see below)
    • The logo must have at least two more graphic objects
    • The logo must be a grouped object
  • The poster must have a photo of the candidate
    • The photo should be cropped to 300x450 pixels
    • You need to apply at least two filters to the photo
  • The candidates name needs to be in an altered font. Some examples of how to do this are here.
  • At least one gradient must be used in the design.
  • At least one block of text providing the ludicrous campaign promises should be included.
  • You will turn in your Inkscape file and...
    • JPEG of your final version and two variations
    • JPEG of your final version sized for: 5x7, 8.5x11, and 11x17
    • PDF for your final version sized at 11x17
  • Create a Poster Project page on your wiki space and load the files there
    • You may want to load your Inkscape file there often as a backup. It will not be graded until after the due date.
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