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What's a podcast?

Podcast according to wikiPedia

The Podcast Project

You will be making a podcast using several different software packages.

  • Audacity
  • Quicktime Pro

What you will need to do:

  • Download Audacity 1.2.6 software from the audacity site:
  • Pick a track of music from some CD (it'll be in .aiff format) that you like and would like to make a commentary about.
  • Use Audacity to create a .wav file from the CD track.
  • Using Audacity, make the music fade in over the first minute and fade out over the last minute.
  • Use (some mac software) to record your voice-over commentary using the mic on the mac (or any other way that you can figure out if you like).
  • Using Audacity, add an stereo track and import your voice-over into these tracks.
  • Make your voice over sound like it is coming from about 3:00 position in front of you.
  • This will require you to adjust the volume of the right track to a higher volume than the left track.
  • Make certain that your voice-over can be clearly heard over the music.
  • This might require reducing the volume of the music so that the voice can be heard.

Exporting and Converting

  • Export your compilation to a .wav file.
  • Using Quicktime Pro convert that .wav file to:
    • avi format
    • m4v for ipod
    • mp4 mpeg-4
    • mov quicktime movie
    • wmv windows media

Download "MediaCoder" (Open-Source, free, converter/encoder): http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Video/Encoders-Converter-DIVX-Related/MediaCoder.shtml

  • Only Windows compatible.

Post all versions on your Podcast Project wiki page using the template provided below.

What should my Podcast wiki page look like when I am finished?

Podcast Template

When finished, you will be posting it on your wiki site.

Completed Assignments

Post Your Completed Assignments here -For sections 1 and 2



.Wmv and .Mov

One possible way to easily convert to .mov or .wmv is to use either Windows Movie Maker (usually already included with Windows XP and Vista) or iMovie (included with Mac OS X).

Using MediaCoder

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