May 3, 2012 Second meeting

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May 3, 2012

Present: Dan Vollero, Patti Lee, Linda Gilbert, JoAnne Harris, Denise Arnold

Rating of functionalities desired

We reviewed the requirements list previously generated, combining a few and deleting one (D2L integration - not needed, since the output is what is uploaded for an assignment). All the remaining functions were considered important.

Process Discussion

Our overall goals

  • Identify a requirements list (focus of 5/3 meeting)
  • Create a task-list to test requirements.
  • Identify a list of products to focus on
  • Get faculty/staff to test
    • Invite faculty to a session to test (offer food, etc.)

General discussion

  • Need to find a way to get a list of citation styles used in each discipline. A survey, perhaps?
  • Possible task from discussion: Check what other colleges in USG are using.

Action steps

  • Linda will clean up list of requirements (DONE)
  • Patti will create "test citations" for group
  • Linda will draft survey on citation styles in disciplines and check distribution methods (Draft created: not yet distributed)
  • Patti will check on what we need to test database connectivity.
  • Dan and Linda will work on designing testing protocol.
  • Faculty members - talk to colleagues, especially about citation formats
  • Linda will set next meeting for about a month from now. (DONE - June 19)

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