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Comments from GGC Community

  • I'm not sure of everything you want it to do but it appears to me at first glance that Word can do most if not all of what you have listed on the Wiki. Many people may not know how to use that part of it but I have been using it in my doctoral courses and it seems to work pretty well. There are a few minor issues here and there but since we already have Word for most students, it would not cost additional money. It can do various styles, and does both citations and bibliography as well as Table of Contents, and lots more. Additionally, it keeps track of all the things cited in previous works that you've done and then you don't have to go looking when you think, "I used something like that before, but what/where was that source?" You can keep track of citations in the current document or in all documents. It does 10 different styles (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.) and has two versions (5th edition or 6th edition of APA) of a couple of those. I sound like a salesman but it saved me a lot of work and time on my assignments. - Jeffery Zinn
  • I'm sure you already know this - but please keep in mind that in the SOE we use APA, and that the Microsoft program that claims to offer APA is riddled with errors. Let's buy Endnote for all! (After you get that big budget gift :) - Linda Hughes
  • Many of our students have the starter edition of Word, or even Works (which they don't understand won't open in Word), or use Open Office...So you can't count on them having this functionality. - Jo Anne Harris


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