June 19, 2012 Third meeting

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Present: Linda, Patti, Susan Bussey, Jo Anne Harris

Action steps from May meeting (for reference)

  • Linda will clean up list of requirements (DONE)
  • Patti will create "test citations" for group (Citation list identified)
  • Linda will draft survey on citation styles in disciplines and check distribution methods (Draft created: not yet distributed. Need discussion.)
  • Patti will check on what we need to test database connectivity.
  • Dan and Linda will work on designing testing protocol. (Partial progress - will report)
  • Faculty members - talk to colleagues, especially about citation formats

General Discussion

How can we narrow down our list of potential programs?

  • Classroom testing?
  • Ranking criteria and eliminating on that basis?

How can we gather sufficient citation styles across campus?

Next Steps

  • Susan Bussey will explore using Mendelay with her class.
  • Jo Anne Harris will ask class to comment on EasyBib, which they have been using.
  • Linda and Dan will provide an online survey for classes using different programs by July 16.
    • Either web-based or inside D2L
  • Linda and Patti will send out a reference list of "test cases" to narrow down the current list.
  • Patti will identify major database vendors for testing database connectivity.

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