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New! An online media converter

Convert .WAV to .MP3 using: http://media.io

Misc. videos of interest

Drones, drones and more drones!
Of particular interest is the pack drone (about 17 minutes into the video) followed by the the quad-copters (from DIYdrones) acting as a cooperative pack and building a tower!

How to set up your wiki

HOW TO: Set up your wiki page, set up the project links, take and post a picture to the page

Captured Lectures

Test 1

Lecture 0: It's all just bits!

Lecture 1: Basics
2110-17: the capture failed
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/c63990d0-4031-4694-919c-e45c5b57c363/media.m4v
2110-20: the capture failed

Lecture 2: Semester overview
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/e28158f2-2a69-442b-96e3-c3e864278085/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/2c886ee7-ced1-4809-aec5-ed6adea30d9f/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/aee62b9e-20d7-4a40-8c67-155ee701b09d/media.m4v

Test 2

Lecture 3: Intro to images
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/851e5e3f-a2de-4fb3-98d7-22be359980d5/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/a673e645-324d-489b-81db-ecc46fe5073f/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/1292f7e3-b2a9-401b-b947-2ec624e5346b/media.m4v

Lecture 4 Part 1
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/7a510402-033b-4765-a641-5f7c303d0ab9/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/f48d971d-c705-4314-8328-838bc0f7c923/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/f48d971d-c705-4314-8328-838bc0f7c923/media.m4v

Lecture 4 Part 2
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/265caf8c-41bf-4fd7-8413-d7804c1d350b/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/f58d484a-2086-40fe-a97d-f207e5fe1e9f/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/996bd415-ff63-4cdf-a342-62929f862c1c/media.m4v

Lecture 5
Sorry... the captures didn't work

Lecture 6 Color part 1
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/3df3ec3e-dedd-4934-9f7c-a4dfc63db2e0/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/ea0745f1-548e-42e8-9ccc-ca928336d0c2/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/20c38692-9ace-4ddb-9ade-15006404aa8e/media.m4v

Lecture 7 Color part 2
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/395ef8a5-a681-4efd-9c13-41e59db71fef/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/8612cc1d-cb28-429d-bee7-967b09b70910/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/203e6d96-e222-4af5-876a-7545c879f136/media.m4v

Test 3

Lecture 8 Vector graphics, 3D

Lecture 9 Film, TV and Video
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/f27e1768-27e6-4dce-ae82-fdc1cccdd4c3/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/0dcf49a0-72a6-4390-8c6c-e0a0e33b794f/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/19f78d48-b10d-4ee3-aaf6-8d24f704d846/media.m4v

Lecture 10 Video compression
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/1a3085d8-8fe1-4d73-a6dd-074c347b5e1c/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/f33f6464-9be8-4355-aa7c-57816440b8c9/media.m4v
2210-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/26e9df6f-f5b2-4a80-be19-116b5fb9f3f1/media.m4v

Lecture 11 Animation and beyond
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/b64090a5-f343-4d60-ba9b-bbbdde5ed6de/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/20891216-4a1a-4dbd-bfe7-6865c791cac4/media.m4v
2210-20: Not Available... Echo360 crashed!

Test 4

Lecture 12: Additional Audio
2110: All sections: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/b87ae3eb-7f39-42d6-8d87-3e44c9cfc6f4/media.m4v

Lecture 13: Semester Wrap
2110: 17 http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/ef0ae8ec-363b-42c6-9025-761dac9f9ddb/media.m4v
2110: 18 http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/e0f02af3-6346-4e8d-9245-3e68e3aa1442/media.m4v
2110: 20 http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/58e95ead-42b3-41cf-b9b8-06bcf100cab2/media.m4v

Lecture Slides

Test 1

Lecture 0: It's all just bits
Lecture 1: Basic concepts
Lecture 2: Semester overview

Test 2

Lecture 3: Intro to Images
Lecture 4: Compression and Convolution
Lecture 4.1: Image Encoding Practice
Lecture 4.2: Convolution paractice
Lecture 5: Vector Graphics
Lecture 6: Color theory
Lecture 7: Color (continued)

Test 3

Lecture 8: Vector graphics 3D
Lecture 9: Video TV Film
Lecture 10 Video compression
Lecture 11 Animation

Test 4

Lecture 12: Additional audio
Lecture 13: Semester wrap up


Test 1
Captured Test 1 answers
Test 1 Coded Gradesheets

Test 2
File:EncodingImage copy.tiff

Test 3
Test 3 images

Test 4


Project 1 description
Project 1 template
New! An online media converter
Convert .WAV to .MP3 using: http://media.io
Posted Project 1 gradesheet
Re-posted Project 1 gradesheet

Project 2 description
Project 2 template
Project 2 Gradesheet

Project 3
A good example of Project 3 thanks to Aida Syrkett
Project 3 Template

With Project 4 there is a choice:
A video project:
Project 4 Video project
A 2 dimensional game project:
Project 4 Game project
Dr. Lai's original project page

Video project 4: A good example, #1
Video project 4: Another good example, #2
EVERYTHING you need to know to do Project 4: How to make an iMovie in 5 minutes!

Project How-to captures

PROJECT 1Audacity

HOW TO: Post and fill out the Project 1 template, use Audacity 1.2.6 and Quicktime to create two of the 6 files
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/b92ba07d-e876-431e-b913-185516319afb/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/b52ade3d-841e-4073-bc9b-d5853a28032e/media.m4v
2110-20: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/d164f0d8-7135-4eb7-9598-557ef4471d24/media.m4v

PROJECT 2 Inkscape and Gimp

HOW TO: Project 2; Part 1: Post and fill out the Project 2 template then use Inkscape to trace your initials and create an .svg
2110-17: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/31e65fdd-4c74-47f5-9e06-032857cb2a4c/media.m4v
2110-18: http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/41d47797-c433-44df-ab30-e44b3885f996/media.m4v
2110-20: Sorry, capture failed

HOW TO: Project 2; Parts 2 & 3:
NOTICE: If using Gimp 2.8 (Instead of 2.6) to create the animated gif...
choose File:ExportTo
rather than File:SaveAs

2110-17: (done with Gimp 2.6) http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/ae3c26bb-ccba-4204-93cf-24c2d055f341/media.m4v
2110-18: (done with Gimp 2.6) http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/242b1e18-dbad-4dee-9196-ba3a5cc8ac2a/media.m4v
2110-20: (done with Gimp 2.8) http://capture.ggc.edu:8080/ess/echo/presentation/9b727d41-1fda-4c71-bb72-ff83686bb046/media.m4v

PROJECT 3 In class captures

2110-17: Blender project in-class introduction
2110-18: Blender project in-class introduction
2110-20: Blender project in-class introduction

2110-17: Sorry, Capture failed!
2110-18: Blender The rest of what you (need except parenting)
2110-20: Blender The rest of what you (need except parenting)

2110-17: Short, fast demo of childing a spot lamp to a cube and childing the cube to a cylinder

PROJECT 3 BLENDER (V2.5 or V2.6)

Mac 3 button mouse Set up
HOW TO: Non-standard Mac Mouse or PC mouse? Emulate a Mac 3 button mouse on Mac and PC laptop (captured in-class) Click here
HOW TO: Remove an animation keyframe (captured in-class) Click here
Non-standard Mac Mouse or PC mouse? Look at "Non three-button mice"
Zooming in and out without a 3 button mouse: Hold control button, press + or - key

General issues

The online Blender 2.59 ManualClick Here!
HOW TO: Set up the Mouse and fly around the modelClickHere
HOW TO: Start Blender 2.5ClickHere
HOW TO: Reset Blender to factory settingsClickHere
HOW TO: Save a Blender project ClickHere
HOW TO: Make a camera view windowClickHere
HOW TO: Add and Delete ObjectsClickHere
HOW TO: Add color to the objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Change the output file formatClickHere
HOW TO: Render the scene as a jpeg and save that rendered image on the desktop ClickHere
HOW TO: Place an image on a Blender objectClickHere
HOW TO: Add an image as a texture to an object ClickHere
HOW TO: Place a plane behind your objects so that you can see shadowsClickHere

Translating, scaling and rotating objects

HOW TO: Select, grab, move, scale and rotate objectsClickHere
HOW TO: Use manipulator modes to select, grab, move, scale and rotate objectsClickHere

Modifying objects in Edit rather than Object mode

HOW TO: Change from OBJECT to EDIT mode & modify the shape of objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Use edit mode and block grab to modify an object's vertices individuallyClickHere

Creating interesting shapes using Boolean operators

HOW TO: Do a Boolean Intersection and a Boolean Union Operation on two objects(s)ClickHere
HOW TO: Do both Boolean Difference Operations on two objects(s) ClickHere

Animating objects

HOW TO: Set keyframes to animate translation, scaling and rotationClickHere
HOW TO: Animate the cameraClickHere
HOW TO: Animate a lampClickHere
HOW TO: Change the frame rate of an animationClickHere
HOW TO: Save a rendered animation as a quicktime movieClickHere
HOW TO: Manipulate the aspect ratio and render sizeClickHere

Using Parent/Child relationships between objects

NEW (and amazingly simple) FOR Blender 2.6 Drag and Drop Parenthood!
Click on the object that is to be the child, drag it to the object that is to be the parent and then drop it. WOW! Simple!
HOW TO: Use Parent/Child connections between objectsClickHere
HOW TO: Childing a spotlight to a cube, rotating the cube, childing the cube to a sphere, translating the sphereClickHere


PROJECT 4: iMovie version

Two examples of well-done student videos:
Video 1
Video 2

PROJECT 4: Gamemaker version

How to calculate upload and download speeds

File size, Download and Upload Calculations


In the portion of the class where we talk about vision and color, we'll have a look at these illusions.
Blind spot test
Gradient illusion
Same color illusion
Grid illusion
Ponzo illusion
Revolving illusion
The dragon illusion
The shade illusion

change blindness

About human perception and cognition...

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