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What you find below is a collection of stuff about Blender.
Add to it as you see fit...
A list of Keyboard Shortcuts in Blender
If you are trying to get off the ground with Blender... FIRST set up the mouse as described in the section titled:
TUTORIAL: screenShot of SystemPreferences showing proper settings for the mouse on the iMac for BLENDER(jrowan)
Then do the tutorials found in this heading:
An EXCELLENT! series of Blender TUTORIALS!


Super3Boy's most EXCELLENT! series of Blender TUTORIALS!

Tutorial 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozlwcQT-U20
Tutorial 2 Part1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYkaHylMPdc
Tutorial 2 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7omA7imr1k
Tutorial 3 SubSurf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7omA7imr1k
Tutorial 4 Editing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL-cYoTQI4Q
Tutorial 5 Toolbar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8ZiywMyiBM
Tutorial 6 Materials:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kk2BkVQkyk
Tutorial 7 Animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAZFfLmbD2k
Tutorial 8 Scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baPR_NOGxE8
Tutorial 9 Particles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ylN9yjCP_4

TUTORIAL: screenShot of SystemPreferences showing proper settings for the mouse on the iMac for BLENDER(jrowan)

Screenshot of mouse with the settings I am using

Scale, Translate and Rotate an object?

Scale: press the s key and drag the mouse
Rotate: press the r key and drag the mouse
Translate: press the g and drag the mouse

Block-Select parts of an object?

Two ways:
1) Press the b key, click and drag the mouse to open a selection rectangle
Every point of the object that is in the rectangle will be selected
2) Press the b key and wait about a second
A circle will open at the mouse pointer.
Rolling the scroll button on the mouse will make the selection circle larger or smaller

Q&A: How do I stop the render process? I realize that I need to make changes but the render process will run for another 30 minute and I don't need (jrowan)

Stop the render process by pressing "esc"

NURBS tutorial to make a mouse's face


TUTORIAL: A Blender Animation project that is part of a class at Tufts University

How to model a complex character
How to animate the modeled character

TUTORIAL: some simple tutorials for beginners(jrowan)


TUTORIAL: Four videos, about an hour, of BLENDER fundamentals(jrowan)

These videos have been converted from .AVI to .MOV so they would play on Quicktime
TUTORIAL 1: About the Blender interface
TUTORIAL 2: Navigating in 3D space
TUTORIAL 3: Loading, Saving and Rendering
TUTORIAL 4: objectOrientedDesign, Appending and OOPS view
This is the original source of these videos in .AVI format:

TUTORIAL: animation for beginners(jrowan)


TUTORIAL: the Noobie to Pro(jrowan)


TUTORIAL: how to save rendered images and animations(jrowan)


TUTORIAL: How to add color or change the color of an object (jrowan)


TUTORIAL: How to add an image to an object (jrowan)

Putting an image on an object (jrowan)

Q&A: How do I select the camera or the lamp to move them in the scene?(jrowan)

You must be in object mode (not edit mode) and then -->select-->select all of type-->camera (or lamp)

Q&A: How can I see the render settings?(jrowan)

in either object or edit mode -->render-->render settings

How to hook a light source to an object as required in the animation project

Start blender (this gives you a cube)
Add a lamp to the scene
Put the view in Object Mode
Unselect all objects.
Select both the lamp and the cube(shift+right click)
Click the Object menu, pull the menu down to Parent and select Make Parent
Now they are hooked together!

Q&A: How to save a rendered image

render the image
file ==> "save rendered image"
This opens a directory window
Put the image in Users/ggcuser (this is the default)
give it a name
click "save jpeg"

Q&A: How to make an animated object

First, google "super3boy blender animation" and watch the video
Here is the short version of that:

change drop down menu at the top from "model" to "animation"
place object at first key position
set location by hitting I & LOC
select the duration by clicking in the timeline below objects
move the object
set location by hitting I & LOC

Q&A: How do I slide the animation timeline to show stuff to the left or to the right?

option click the timeline and move the mouse left or right

Q&A: How do I scale the animation timeline to show more or less time?

option control click the timeline and move mouse side to side to scale up or down

Q&A: How to save your animation as a quicktime movie (it will have a .mov extension)(jrowan)

In the image below, look at the blender window parts that have red boxes around them.
Locate the box that has what looks to be an equals sign in it. This is where you select among the many possible windows to display. Select the buttons window, represented by an icon that looks like an equals sign, to set blender up to set what you need to set for saving animations.
The two red boxes to the right of the buttons window icon, when clicked (the left one first then the right one), select the render buttons.
Locate the box that has /myMovie0001_0003.mov
Instead of /myMovie0001_0003.mov type this:
This is where I am telling Blender to save my animation as a quicktime movie named myMovie0001_0003.mov and to store it in the root directory. On the Mac, this is on the hard drive in the top directory.
The red boxes that show sizeX and sizeY allows you to change the size of your rendered animation. Mine originally was 800 and 600 but I changed it to 400 and 300 so that the rendering will not take forever while I'm testing. It can be changed back to 800 and 600 later to create the final quicktime movie.
The red box that shows quicktime is where you can select the format the animation can be saved in.
The red box that shows sta and end allows you to choose which of the different possible frames to save as a quicktime movie. Here I saved a REALLY short animation that starts with frame 1 and ends with frame 3. This is good for testing since it shortens the render time considerably.
Once all this is set up, click the ANIM' and the file will be rendered and saved as the name that you specified. here is a picture to show what needs to be set

Q&A: What different windows will I need to do Project 3 and how do I set this up? (jrowan)

Blender start up screen

Blender start up screen

Blender start up screen

Blender start up screen

TUTORIAL: how to animate an object by moving and recording it(jrowan)


TUTORIAL: non-standard equipment (if you don't have a 3 button mouse or a separate numpad)(jrowan)


howTo: rotate your object(jrowan)

press the middle mouse button (MMB) and move the mouse

howTo: zoom in (and out) on your object(jrowan)

Use the scroll button on the mouse

How to create a human and import the object into Blender


acronym: IPO(jrowan)

InterPOlation system

acronym: LMB(jrowan)

left mouse button

acronym: MMB(jrowan)

middle mouse button

acronym: RMB(jrowan)

right mouse button

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