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Announcing the IT Student Laptop Program

The School of Science and Technology at Georgia Gwinnet College is announcing the implementation of the Information Technology Student Laptop Program (ITLAPTOP). Students must have a Windows-based laptop OR an Apple MacBook in order to enroll in ITEC 3000-4000 level courses. Detailed description of this program can be found at


  • Mandatory for all ITEC Junior and Senior students in their 3rd and 4th academic years.
  • Compulsory for all students taking ITEC 3000-4000 level courses, regardless of their discipline.
  • Effective August 17, 2011.

    If you have any questions after reviewing the program’s website, please send an email to:

    IT Laptop Program Description

    IT Student Laptop Program Description Background

    I am currently attending GGC as a nursing major. My previous studies have been in psychology and human services which I currently hold a MA in human services and a BA in psychology. Currently I work with individuals with mental and developmental disabilities in the community. Working with individuals with disabilities has been very rewarding and it has made a very great impact on my life. My career has given me the drive to expand my skills and knowledge in other area of my life, which led me to GGC.

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