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Audio Project(Due day: Check Blackboard)

This project has three parts.

  • Part one: audio recording and editing, export your final recording as wav and mp3 file
  • Part two: understand sampling and quantization
  • Part three: upload the required files to wiki, complete the template with file size, downloading time, etc.

All will be covered(in class or through video tutorials). If you are using a Mac computer, aiff format should be used instead of wav.

What is podcast?

Please read Podcast according to wikiPedia

Part One Instructions

  • Download Audacity 1.2.6 software from the audacity site:
  • Link to Download
  • If you don't want to download the software, use the computers on campus.
  • Watch the tutorials
  • This project requires a music background and voice over.
  • Pick a track of music from a CD
  • Use Window Media Player to Rip the music as WAV format. How to rip the music with windows OS
  • If you are using Mac, on the desktop, you should see an icon after inserting your CD, open the CD, drag and drop the sound to the desktop. It's in AIFF format with Mac.


  • Use Audacity to open the audio file . If you don't know how, watch the tutorial How to use Audacity
  • Record your voice-over , about 30 - 60 seconds. Must include your name in the recording (-5 points if you don't have).
  • Most computers have build-in microphone, so you usually don't need a headset. If you are using the GGC computer and do need a headset, please let me know ahead of time, Not two days before the project is due.
  • The content of your voice-over should be funny(anything that makes people laugh), it must be family-appropriate.
  • Using Audacity, make the music fade in at the beginning(the first 10- 20seconds) and fade out over the last 10-20 seconds.
  • Adjust the overall volume to make sure the voice over could be clearly heard.
  • when you are done, it should be something like this: music fade in, then your voice over with music background, then music fade out. Total length: about 60 - 90 seconds.
  • Save the Project (it should have .aup as file extension) (You could save the project once you get started. The earlier the better. NT need to wait till you complete the above steps)
  • Export the audio file using both WAV format and MP3 format (Do this step when you completed all the steps above which include voice recording and music editing.)

  • We will host competitions in two categories: the best project award and the funniest project award.
  • The works from section 02, 20 and 26 will be put together for voting. The first place winner will be awarded with 15 points bonus and 10 for the 2nd place and 5 for the third place.
  • All winning projects will be played on the SST STaRs event on April 12

PART1 Submission: Upload your mp3 recording to Bb

Part two: Sampling Rate and Quantization level

(Many students seem to have a messy number of files on their flash drive. So, make a copy of your audacity project file from Part one before you start part two(this way, you always have a clean copy), and name your folders and files appropriately so you don't get confused.)
Use Audacity to open your project. Create wav file according to the following specifications.

  • Sampling rate 44100Hz; Sample format 32-bit (This is the default configuration. The wav file you've been using in part one has this setting)
  • Sampling rate 44100Hz, Sample format 16-bit
  • Sampling rate 8000Hz, Sample format 16-bit
  • Warning: file size is going to be BIG!!! (if your file size is more than 10MB, you may cut it to keep the first 30 seconds.)
  • Apply the same configuration for music and voice comment track in the Audacity project. For example, when changing sampling rate to 8000hz, check and make sure both music and voice tracks are in 8000 Hz. When changing the sampling format to 16 bit, make sure both tracks are using 16 bit.
  • Play the music, the sound should be distorted with 8000Hz sampling rate. If you can still hear your voice clearly, you need to check your sampling rate.

Check the Template before you upload your project.

Part Three - Submission: Click Here to Upload Your Project

Brief Grading Criteria

  1. Created the wiki page using the template 20 points
  2. Downloading time , total 10 points, - 2 points for each wrong downloading time.
  3. mp3 file 20 points
  4. wave files 30points, 10 points each
  5. Overall project quality 10 points
  6. reflection questions 10 points
  7. Total 100 points

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