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Assignment 1: Wiki Editing

Create your own wiki page
Requirements: You should link your wiki page to Class List page
Your wiki page should have
  • Headings and bullet list
  • Text message (for example, self intro, your favorite music, interesting stories, places you visited, etc. ), apply bold or italics to your text
  • Graphic: need to show you know
a. how to place the picture with different alignment(center, left, right),
b. how to change the size of a picture.
Please add a recent picture of yours
  • Hyperlinks: need to have three different links
a. A link to another GGC wiki page created by YOU, such as this one. (basically, you need to have a link on your page that opens up another wiki page with at least one picture and some information about it.)
b. A link to your classmate's wiki page, such as this student page
c. A link to an outside website, such as this one.
  • Audio (Once you finish your Audio Project)
  • Video (Once you finish your Movie Project)

Many students asked "Is this OK?" "This is what you want?"


Please go to D2L/Dropbox, in the comment box, post the link to you wiki page. If D2L force you to upload something, just upload anything. Your grade is based on the wiki page you created.

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