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this is the first sentence.

  • Click edit from the top, and follow the Examples Below.
  • Jane Doe Example:
  1. Jane Doe
  • Do NOT cut the Jane Doe example, just copy/paste and replace it with your GGC username and your name

Summer 2019 Section 11 MW 11:00am - 1:45pm Class List

Please list your name below following the Jane Doe example.

  1. Shayla McCrary
  2. Sophiat Adegbola
  3. Ahkeelah Lindo
  4. Jeniffer Lacayo
  5. Sierra Gordon
  6. Mackenzie Miner
  7. Dionna White
  8. Brianna Jimenez
  9. Ansley Allen
  10. Malik Norford
  11. Kiera Olin
  12. Charles Cain
  13. Abbey Lester
  14. Audrey Aiken
  15. Bobby Amerson
  16. Ebony Mercer
  17. Kimberly Brown
  18. Mehkaylah Bradley-McKinney
  19. Johnson Sirleaf
  20. Nathaniel Bannis
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