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Basic Course Information

Meeting Time: Fri. 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Meeting Room: Building A 1450
Instructor: Gongbing Hong
Phone: see syllabus
Email: ghong (at)
Textbook: see syllabus
Syllabus: On D2L

Points and Tips

Very Friendly Reminder: This section of ITEC 2110 is a hybrid section. It may not be suited for those students who have limited computer skills. It is fast-paced and has limited time for intense in-classroom support. If you think your computer skills may be a problem, attend a regular section instead.

Note: Attendance is critical due to limited instructional time. Missing even a single class means missing too much.

Check your GGC email often. It is our formal communication tool. I do not use the build-in email system in D2L.

GGC Clawmail Link

Detailed Schedule

Disclaimer: This schedule is for your information only. It is subject to constant changes as the class progresses. So make sure to check this page regularly.

Required reading assignments must be done before each class.

Date Reading (before each class) Lecture Topic Activity/Lab/Projects Recommended Practices
1/10, Week 1 Course Introduction (Syllabus, etc.)

Quiz #1

1/17, Week 2 Chapter 14 Basic Web Page Authoring Activity #1a: Write a simple web page

To be done in classroom; show me to get credit.

Materials: Instructions, The general image

Tired of writing web page by hand?

Try this activity

1/24, Week 3

Supplemental reading

Note: you need to log in to be able to edit a wiki page.

Wiki Pages

Quiz #2

Activity #1b: create a starter wiki page

Project: Personal Wiki Page

Project due: 1/31 12:00 PM

1/31, Week 4 Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Digital Media

Slides available on D2L.

Reminder: Wiki project due today Do this activity on your own.

It is critical to prepare for some of your quiz questions.

2/7, Week 5 Chapter 2 Digital Image Fundamentals

Slides available on D2L.

Quiz #3 (On Chapter 1 only)

Activity #2a: Image sampling (size) and quantizing (color levels)

Material: instructions

Try this activity for some fun on vector graphics
2/14, Week 6 Chapter 3 Snow break
2/21, Week 7 Chapter 3 Digital Image Practices

Slides available on D2L.

Activity #2b: Image editing

Material: instructions and the girl image

Project: Image Editing

Project due: 3/5 11:59 PM

Have some fun with more vector graphics.

Try this optional activity.

No submission necessary.

2/28, Week 8 Review all covered materials up to this point yourself to prepare for the mid-term exam Mid-term Exam

Closed Book (voted)

Reminder: Image project due next week
3/7, Week 9 Chapter 4 Digital Audio Fundamentals

Slides available on D2L.

Reminder: Image project due 3/5 11:59 PM

Reminder: Check mid-term grade NOW.

Reminder: Last day to withdraw on 3/8.

3/14, Week 10 Spring Break
3/21, Week 11 Chapter 5 Digital Audio Practices

Quiz #4 (on chapter 4)

Activity #3: hands-on experience with audio editing (follow me in class)

Material: Bring a laptop, an audio CD and an earphone please!

Project: Audio Editing

Project due: 3/26 11:59 PM

3/28, Week 12 Chapter 6 Digital Video Fundamentals

Slides available on D2L.

Reminder: Audio project due 3/26 11:59 PM Get familiar with the use of a digital camera

Get familiar with the use of a movie-maker tool

I recommend Windows Movie Maker.

Download Windows Movie Maker

4/4, Week 13 Chapter 7 Digital Video Practices

Quiz #5 (on Chapter 6)

Activity #4: hands-on experience with video editing (follow me in class)

Material: Bring a laptop, a few video clips, and an earphone please!

Project: Video Editing

Project due: 4/9 11:59 PM

4/11, Week 14 Review all covered materials since Mid-term exam yourself to prepare for the test #2 Test #2

Open Book

Reminder: Video project due this week
4/18, Week 15 Chapter 8 (Sections 3 & 4 only) Animation

Slides available on D2L.

Activity #5: Hands-on experience with the creation of a GIF animation (follow me in the class)
4/25, Week 16 Legal and Ethic Issues of Digital Media
5/2, Week 17 Wrap-up Review all covered materials of the semester

Good luck on your final exam!

5/7, Wednesday, Week 18 Final Exam at 2:00 pm

Open book exam administered on D2L. Available until 11:59 pm.

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