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Digital Media Assignments Spring, 2012

1. Binary Number System

  • Review the two videos here
  • Using what you learned reading Chapter 1 and in the above videos answer the questions below
    • What is the number 55 (base 10) equal to in binary? Show your work on your Wiki Page
    • What is the number 16 (base 10) equal to in binary? Show your work on your Wiki Page

2. Media Storage and Capacity

  • You have received an Apple iPod Touch as a gift. It is the 8GB model. Assume all of the 8GB is available for storage. You plan to load the following on it:
    • 150 songs that average 7.5MB each
    • 2 movies that average 2.2GB each
  • How much space is remaining for new apps and videos that you plan to record?

3. Image Editing and Effects

  • Find an image to edit, download it to your desktop.
  • Using GIMP
    • Rescale the image to 400 pixels wide, leave the height proportional. Save it and include "400px" in the filename.
    • De-saturate the image and upload it to your Wiki page, remember to include your name in the uploaded filename
    • Use GIMP and create two more special effects on the original image, save them as 400px wide files.
    • Upload them to your Wiki page and explain the steps you took to create the files.
  • Due in class, Jan 24.

4. Image Editing, Histograms and Color

Using the sample image at

1. Save the image to your desktop 2. Open the image in GIMP, perform the following steps/answer questions:

  • Open the Histogram, how many pixels are in the image? Is there any black in the image? Is there any white in the image?
  • Crop the image into a rectangular shape, save it to your desktop as Drums-Cropped
  • Select Colors, Levels, set the Black point to 15 and the White point to 200, save the image as Drums-Leveled.
  • create a page on your class Wiki page, name it Drums, upload the image to your Drums page using a filename of yourname.png
  • Select Colors, Curves, and experiment with adjusting the colors, what happens when you set the Black point and White point to same value?
  • Due in class, Jan 31.

5. Digital Audio Lab 1

1. On your student wiki page add a link to a new page you create called Assignment5 2. upload the file that you produce in this lab and link to it from your Assignment5 page. 3. Assignment

  • find a piece of music, edit the file in audacity to meet the following requirements:
    • the new file will be 30 seconds in length, you will decide which 30 seconds you want to be in the file
    • the file will have a bit depth of 16 bits and a sample rate of 44,100 samples per second
    • apply a fade in and fade out effect at beginning and end
    • export the file to a file named yourname-assignment5.wav
    • upload the file to your new wiki page
    • apply some creative effects to the file and upload a version 2 to your new wiki page, name the file named yourname-assignment5v2.wav
    • describe the additional changes you applied to version2 and the steps taken in Audacity to apply them
    • IMPORTANT: provide attribution to the owner of the music.
    • here is a piece of music I like, it's a free download from Wiki Commons: File:Braincourtneywilson-soproud.mp3

6. Digital Audio Lab 2


  • -Due in class Tuesday, Feb 28.
  • 1. Open a New Audacity Project
  • 2. Recording. Record your voice singing a segment of a simple repetitive song.
    • Example:
    • Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...Merrily, merrly, merrily, life is but a dream
  • 3. Selecting and Deleting. Next playback the recording and listen for any unnecessary silence in the recording. Using the Selection Tool. Highlight the silence and cut it from the recording. Now playback the recording again.
  • 4. Copy and paste – Copy and paste the audio segment so that it is repeated 3 times
  • 5. Join – Join the three audio segments together
  • 6. Duplicating Tracks. Select the entire audio segment and copy it and then paste it on a new track. Do this again so that you should have a total of three tracks of the same recording.
  • 7. Adding Effects: Selecting the entire third track, change the pitch of the track to 30% higher (Look under the Effect Menu, Choose Change Pitch and enter +30% ).
  • 8. Adding Effects: Selecting the entire second track, change the pitch of the track to 30% lower (Look under the Effect Menu, Choose Change Pitch and enter -30% ). Play this track.
  • 9. Playing Multiple Tracks Simultaneously: Now unmute all tracks. Play all three tracks at once.
  • 10. Aligning Tracks – Now use the Time shift tool again to stagger the beginning of each track. The second track should begin after the first segment on the first track.
  • 11. Now playback your masterpiece. If you’d like to continue working with your file save it as an .aup (Audacity Project). Otherwise, export your file to .wav format and upload your .wav file to Wiki as YourName-assignment6.wav.

7. Video Fundamentals

Each team choose a recorder, and post the group consensus regarding the assigned topic on a student wiki page of your choosing.

You have 15 minutes then take a 5 minute break


  • Team 3
    • De-interlaced Video
      • Application
      • Pros
      • Cons

Team 3's Response.<--Chuck's Favorite Team

8. Importing and Editing Video

  • Using iMovie, students will import video and create video of themselves using the iSight camera, merge the two videos, and export the edited project.
  • Add a title card and apply a transition
  • Export the movie to your desktop and play it for the instructor. No need to post your movie to wiki, we will conserve space on the server.
  • some sample footage can be downloaded using the following links:
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