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This Is My Page.. <(-.- <) ^(-.-)^ (> -.-)>

Classmate! Nne Uko

About Myself! >.<

Hmm... So I'm Ryan. This section is all about me. Actually, this entire page is! :P

My Favorite activities are: writing music/playing music (through:, throwing footballs, and making friends. (that is in order of how well i do them.)

Places I have been:I have been many places in the world, all of which are in the same hemisphere. I have been to Hawaii, the continental United States, the Caymen Islands, Curacao, and Costa Rica. I loved EVERY one of them.

Most Interesting Story: One time, i was in a recording studio, and Elton John came in! He taught me how to play piano better and even helped me record my own song! He told me when i have more songs, call him, and he would hook me up! Unfortunately.. this story is not true.. but it sure was interesting! :)

The Snow Storm!


The snowstorm that attacked the South and North and everywhere! :O :O

== Random stuff... ==


Podcast Project

Using Pro Tools I produced a .wav format file which is: -6,031 KB- Click here to download this version

Using Pro Tools I produced a mp3 format file which is: -686 KB- Click here to download this version



Video Project

This is my video in the size of 640 by 480 pixels (33.6MB)

Click here to download video project

3D Animation w/ Blender

Click Here For Animation


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Professor: Professor Chen

GGC (AKA:the place to be)

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