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Upload your work following the example.


John Stevens

Here are the graphics I created following the tutorial DMMSample.gif DMMSample.gif
This is the logo designed by John Stevens.

SVGTest.svg Serial#000
  • Click edit, then Copy and paste the above sample to your section; change the name to your name and image file name to your file.
  • You are encouraged to have a short description to share the inspiration, the ideas and/or the meaning of your design,

Section 5

Thor Neff

I made these graphics following the tutorial. Thorneon.svg Thorconvexlogo.png

Here is the image I designed for the School of Science and Technology Twitter event.

Stephen Kent

In an effort to try and keep this page relatively fast loading I am putting my images up on the following page:
Stephen Kent's Inkscape Images

Vicki Sulpy

Here are the graphics I made after the tutorials. Tutorial1sulpy.png Tutorial2sulpy.png

And here are the images I designed for ASA: ASAlogo1.png ASAlogo2.png

I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I put them both up. I liked them because they are both simple, as I believe logos should be. To me, the first one symbolizes rising stars while the second one symbolizes these stars coming together. I had a hard time uploading them in the beginning as the SVG format wasn't working well. After changing the file format to .png, it solved the problem.

Lesley Hyman & Chris Stephenson

Here are the graphics Lesley created following the tutorial
Hymantutorial1.png Hymantutorial2.png

Here are the graphics Chris created for the tutorials Chriss.png CHRisschrome.png

Here is the ASA logo


Viktor Vratchev

Here are my graphics
Viktor's Orange.png Viktor's Scull.png
and here is the logo
Viktor ASA2.png

Matthew Garrett

Made watching the tutorial for the company's logo.


Second logo.png

Logo for T-shirt


Jincy George



Sabina Hasic

These are my tutorial images.

Wallpaper.png Sabina Hasic volume sign.png

This is my ASA logo!


What inspired me to do this logo was one of my paintings.

Elias Malouf

These are my tutorial images. Ghk.png Opp.png

This is my logo. (asa1).png

Enoda Wright

Omar asa.png

Omarw rss.png

Alyson Shields

Episode 55:
Inkscape Tutorial, Spiros:

Andrew Stephenson

I made these graphics following the tutorial. Logodrew1.png Logobdrew.jpg

Here is the image I designed for the Asian Student Association


Back To Drew Stephenson Main Pg

Salmeen Hemani

These are the graphics I created using the tutorials Salmeen hemani.svg Orangeicon.png

This is my ASA logo. Salmeens ASA.png ASA LOGO SAlMEEN.png

Jaspal Singh

Here are the graphics I created following the tutorial Js agent orange.svg Jschrome.svg
This is the logo designed by Jaspal Singh.

I thought that maybe the logo should be simple. (the images are supposed to look clearer than that; i dont see what i did wrong)

Section 9

Amber Endicott

Here are the graphics I created following the tutorial Use2843.svg.pngMyHibiscusFlower.svg
This is the logo designed by Amber Endicott.
I developed this design by web searching the Asian culture. Many images of nature and plant life such as cherry blossoms and the sun came up. Also, dragons were a common theme in my search. I tried to incorporate each of these themes into one logo along with the lettering of the organization. I chose magenta because the Asian culture seems to be colorful and lively.

Ihklas Nieves & Noel Pace

Here is my pet! Ihklas Nieves
Nieves beetle.pngFlava.png

Here are Noel's images from inkscape Rssimage.png

Here is what we came up with for the ASA Logo. Enjoy!

Steven Minardi

Here is my individual Inkscape works from the tutorial.
Inscapepro.png Whale.png

Steven Minardi, April Therrien

This is our submission for the ASA. Its main Influence is the art of relaxation which is a huge factor in Asian life. The Bonsai Tree encompasses this feeling to me.

Sarah Brice

This is my individual Inkscape works from the tutorials.

Here is my ASA logo, I came up this logo, because I researched online to find out what several iconic items from Asian culture were, and incorporated them all into one.

Josh Barney

Here are my individual Inkscape projects.
Navy Pier.png Dragon tat.png

Josh and Todd's Group Project

ASA logo/ t-shirt design


Todd's Individual Work

300 pxl 300 pxl

April Therrien's Individual Inkscape work

Episode 67
Episode 55

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Jessica Wilson

Tutorial Graphics

  • Episode 55


  • Episode 68

ASA Graphic ASAicon.png

Taylor Allen

Practice from the tutorials



Here is my logo for ASA Asa5.png

Lindsay Hopkins

This is my logo for the ASA, I wanted to do something that would be neat and simple since it is going on T-shirt!!! ASA.png

Lorah Stephens

Eggg.png 150px

Yvonne Dean

ASA Logo.png Yvonne with a star.png

Rachael Robinson

Here is my image. I cannot get it to show up correctly on the page. Please help.


Jazmine Bell

My final logo for science and technology event


Raphael Okafor Jr

My final logo for Asian Student Association

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