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Assignment will be posted here. More coming as semester goes on.


sample external link Search Engine
Sample internal link My Student


Assignment 1

Assignment 2 (Due Jan 21)

Create your own wiki page
Requirements: You should link your wiki page to Class List
You wiki page should have
  1. Text message (Self intro, your favorite music, interesting stories, places your visited, etc. )
1. Graphic: need to show you know
a. how to place the picture with different alignment(center, left, right),
b. how to change the size of a picture.
2. Hyperlinks: need to have at least
a. A link to another GGC wiki page created by YOU.
b. A link to your classmate's wiki page
c. A link to an outside website
3. Audio (Once you finish your PodCast project)
4. Video (Once you finish your Movie project)

Many students asked "Is this OK?" "This is what you want?"
To give you a better idea about the grading, please click and download the rubrics.

Assignment 3 (Due 2/12)

Design your own logo and signature using GIMP and Inkscape. Check WebCt/Assignments for detail. If you want to work from home, download GIMP @, and Inkscape @

Assignment 4

Creating, editing and maintaining our ITEC2110 wiki page (Not just your personal wiki page)

This is a long term assignment. Basically, you need to edit the wiki content of this course site, for example, post question & answer at Q&A of Wiki, organize book/class note at Book Notes. Grade will be determined by the number of your posts and the quality of your posts.
  • Mandatory posting: contribute at least one question for each test on TestBank.

HTML Assignment (posted on WebCT)

Complete the HTML exercises assigned on WEBCT to gain basic skills.

WebPage Desing (Due 4/15/08)

When working on this project, make sure all material, pictures are original or have permission to use.

Create a website with at least 4 webpages. You could create a personal website or a website for a business you are interested. You are always welcome to discuss your web content or web organization with me.

  1. link each webpage (make sure a user could go to any other pages from current page)
  2. image link encouraged
  3. Apply font
  4. Apply list
  5. Apply background
  6. Apply table
  7. Apply audio
  8. Apply video
  9. ...


Apply the skills listed above is the minimum requirement. A rubric is posted on WEBCT for more detail.

Bonus (25 points) submit by 4/20/2009

  1. Everybody is encouraged to complete the bonus part.
  2. If your grade is lower than B, you should definitely complete the bonus part.
  3. If your goal is to get an A, you should definitely compete the bonus part.

Two things you need to do in order to get bonus:

  1. Expand your HTML knowledge, apply skills not covered in class to your web pages. You may search the Internet and there are tons of websites talking about HTML. Here are two(not necessary the best) , (You are welcome to get help from me. I will not teach you new things, but if you tried something and not working, I'll help you figuring out what's wrong, or give you alternative suggestions.)
  2. Write a small report (double space, more than one page, but less than 3 pages). In this report, you should explain the purpose of this website, the reason you choose this topic/sbject etc. What skills you applied to enhance the web effect? For example, you could write "In order to demonstrate [your point] of this website, I [embedded a 30 seconds audio] created by myself using Audacity [name of software]". After that, list the NEW skills/tags you applied in this project. At the end, give a short summary of HTML and this project.

Submit the report to WebCT with your HTML EX3

Note: You have to complete both 1 and 2 in order to get bonus.

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