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About Me

My name is Dan Mackay. I am half Korean and half... well, white? I was born in Alabama but shortly after I was born I moved to Lilburn Georgia where I grew up until I was about seven. I then moved to Lake Zurich Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago. I lived there for about seven more years until I move to Waukesha, Wisconsin, where my dad's family lives, and where he grew up. I lived there for about the next five years until I moved here to live with my Mom and step-father and go to School at Perimeter. My step-mother, father, three year old half brother, and sister all still live in Wisconsin.


Currently I am working two jobs. I am a server at Red Lobster, which is where most of my money comes from, but as a side job I am also a Repair Specialist for a local video game store called Play N' Trade. My job at Play N' Trade is very laid back and fun. Most of the job consists of fixing Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death but I also get the occasional PS3 to work on. I also get to fix PSPs, currently trying to find out if I can fix the Nintendo Wii


Several interests of mine include:



I currently drive a 1995 Integra LS four door (pictured on the right). It was the first car I ever modified, and will probably always be a car I keep. Cars has been an interest of mine since as long as I can remember. I used to work at Honda Mall of Georgia as an oil changer. My duties were changing oil, transmission fluid, batteries, blown headlights and taillights, and other minor servicing. While I worked there, I got the convenience of working on my car on a lift. This made working on my car very easy and several modifications were done due to having access to the tools and the knowledge of other technicians I worked with. I would make cars a lifestyle if I had the money to, but unfortunately, it's very expensive. Of all the hobbies I have, working on and driving cars is probably the number one hobby of mine.



I have been skateboarding since I was about thirteen years old. I used to skate street and street courses mostly (as you can watch in my video), but now I mostly skate bowls. If you're ever interested to see what I mean, head to the skate park off of Braselton Highway in Hamilton Mill. It consists of three large bowls and a smaller bowl, as well as a street course which is made up of a large bowl. The reason I now skate bowl is because you are much less likely to fall when riding bowl. Bowl riding is mainly all about speed, as opposed to street which consists of grinding and doing tricks with the board. Riding bowl takes a lot of balance and patience to learn but it can be very fun once you get the hang of riding the transitions.


My dad gave me my first computer when I was in about eight or nine years old. That was the beginning of my interest in computers. A few years later I built my first computer with my dad. Eventually I upgraded that computer myself and started building computers for friends and family. I got a job working at a local computer store when I was in my Sophomore year of high school. I sold computers as well and did minor servicing. Even to this day I build PCs for any friend or family member who is interested in building a PC. I plan to pursue a career working with computers in the future. I'm not certain whether I want to pursue a career in hardware or software, but I do know I want to work with computers.


High School:


Classes at GGC

  1. ITEC 2110-05 Digital Media
  2. HIST 2112-07 World History
  3. MATH 2000-05 Statistics
  4. CHEM 1211K-07 Chemistry

ITEC 2110 Section 5 - Click to go back to Class Page

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