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1. Can we have some group project?
Answer: yes, you will have group project.

2. Quiz availability is too long
Answer: I sure could make it available for a shorter period of time if most students feel so.

3. Can we have time in-class for our projects?
Answer: Since we have 30% less in-class time, it’s really hard to squeeze time for projects in class. Plus, my impression is many students prefer to work on their own computer, not in class. (Of course, my impression could be wrong.)
If you need help, please feel free to make appointment with me. If more students have the same needs, I will try to make it happen.

4. Can we have more detailed instructions for the projects?
Answer: Could you be more specific, which project, what part of the instruction? I sure want to provide better instructions. And your feedback is greatly appreciated. Contact me if you think the instruction is not clear.

5. Could we have a study guide for the test?
Answer: In wiki, I have created a testbank/notes link, students are encouraged to create a study guide through collaboration.

6. Math Part is really challenging, could you slow down?
Answer: Sure, I will slow down. In the mean time, if you don’t understand it, feel free to stop me in the middle of the class. Also, you need to review the content and practice after class.

7. I get information faster through gmail, why don’t you just use my gmail account?
Answer: sorry, this is GGC policy, we (faculty and students) have to use GGC email for our communication.

8. Could you make the time limit on quiz unlimited?
Answer: The reason I put time limit on quiz: I want students to review the content first, then take the quiz to assess the performance. If I make it unlimited, most students will just try to find the answer of those questions and not study the rest of the material. So, sorry, I will not make it unlimited.

9. Can we change the due day of our journal/notes to Monday instead of Sunday?
Answer: No. Ideally, you should complete it by Friday to summarize the content covered on Monday and Wednesday. If there’s anything you feel confused, or don’t understand, or not clear, you could then discuss with me on Monday.

10. Could you have some bonus opportunities?
Answer: Yes, I will have small bonus opportunities and you are greatly encouraged to complete them. But keep in mind, bonus will not be able to compensate a missing assignment/project/quiz. It only helps when ONE of your quiz or assignment is not good enough.

11. Class is boring, could you make it more interactive?
Answer: I will do my best to make it more interactive and keep you engaged. If any of you have suggestions, please let me know:)

Last: if you have to miss a test, please bring me the proof, doctor’s notice, for example.

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