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BIOL 3200K Timpte's section Spring 2011 Georgia Gwinnett College


This page will become a table of contents of the diseases. As you assemble your pages, I will insert a map of the human genome and place links to your pages on the approximate location of the targeted chromosome.


Interactive map of projects



1. To Begin, make sure that the disease you choose is not on the list of other diseases chosen from this semester or last.

2. Add your genetic disease and your name below in the by editing this page. Copy the [[Disease Name]] - Your Name line and paste in a copy. Check the preview and if the Disease Name shows as a red link, you are about set to go.

3. Save this page, then click on the Content Template link.

4. Click the edit button, and copy everything in the edit window then hit cancel.

5. Return to this page and click on your red link (disease name your name link).

6. Edit your new page by pasting in the Template content, then edit it with your information.

Content Template -copy and paste this template format into your page. Then add your content! The template is divided into sections to organize your content. A series of web pages in similar formats is easier for the user, so please use this format. You may have other information to add, feel free to do so, and add more headers on your page if needed. Remember too, to cite your sources of information. You may also add images to supplement your text.

Remember the guidelines in the syllabus regarding plagiarism. If I find that you have copied and pasted a single sentence of 'your' content without appropriate citation, you will receive a zero for this project and drop a letter grade for the class. USE YOUR OWN WORDS; they may not be as elegant as those of professional scientists and professional editors but they are YOUR work. I want to see YOUR WORK.

Rubric and deadlines

Pages must be completed by 3:30 PM, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You will be graded according to the Genetic Disease Rubric. You must have a topic selected by Wednesday March 30.

Links to start with

Genetics Home Reference

Online Mendelian Inheritance

Spring 2011, Monday - Wednesday section

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