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GGC Student Government Association

Mission Statement

  • The purpose of Georgia Gwinnett College’s Student Government Association (SGA) is to relay students’ views to administrators and organized governing bodies, and by assisting the College in operating more effectively and efficiently in the interest of students. The SGA is committed to students’ social and cultural well being by promoting students' rights and responsibilities to the college, the community, and humanity and furthermore, allowing students, with their talents and ambitions, the opportunity to exercise their civic responsibilities.

We welcome and encourage all GGC students to become involved and help shape the future of your Student Government Association.

SGA Student Goals:

  • Develop and implement plan for selection of school mascot.
  • Hold multiple social events to foster student interaction.
  • Establish high-school mentoring program.
  • Hold elections to create adequate student representation.

SGA: Constitution

Executive Council

  • President: Tammy Lu
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

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