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The GGC Film Club is for students interested in hosting film screenings on campus and producing their own short films. The goal of the club is to expose its members and the GGC community to films that they have not seen before and to enhance appreciation for those films that they have seen. The organization will show cult, classic, foreign and independent films, but we are also interested in bringing new, mainstream movies to campus. The film club will play what students want to see; Therefore, recommendations and club membership are strongly encouraged. The Film Club is also involved in producing short films, Club promos, and general film projects around the school.


Who is this club for?

  • Everybody! Whether you're interested in film or just like watching movies, the GGC Film Club gives the GGC community a way to interact with fellow students to build lasting friendships for the future.

What do you guys do?

  • We host film screenings on campus (1 or more per quarter), exposing its members and the GGC community to a variety of films (mainstream, indie, foreign, cult, and classic)
  • We produce our own short films (1-2 per year) to showcase the talents of club members and school in film competitions and also to create excitement on campus.
  • We enhance the GGC campus life by working together in promotional and educational videos (Club bios, diversity presentations, GGC events, etc.)
  • We volunteer at Film related organizations in an effort to inspire and promote film and film culture at least twice each year (ex. The French Film series at GGC.)
  • We host Film-related social events, such as "Movie Night" and "Oscars Night."

When do you meet? Where?

  • The Film Club will meet Tuesday, Oct.28th at 2pm in front of the cafe on the main floor of the B atrium.


GGC Film Club Constitution


Election Promo

GGC Newscast



Vice President: Tenisha Jeffrey

Marketing Director: Megan Flanigan

Secretary: Holly Haydon

Treasurer: Tenisha Jeffrey

Event Organizer 1: John Dorado

Event Organizer 2: Randy Waddell

Academic Advisor: Dr. Rodney Hill

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