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Officer's Meeting

Attending: Varughese Thomas, Kacie Tompkins, Nannette Napier

  • After viewing the preferences of people on the GGC TM mailing list, we decided to meet every two weeks beginning on Monday, September 22nd from 2:30 - 3:30 pm. Nannette Napier will try to reserve the B-1800 room.
  • Club membership
    • Want to emphasize student membership to make a non-intimidating environment.
    • No dues will be charged. Instead, we will rely on the SGA budget to get started. Fund raising may be an option later on.
    • Agreed to become a Gavel Club to get the benefits of the Toastmasters brand and materials at lowest possible cost
  • Officers
    • Thomas - President; Kacie - Vice President
    • At the first meeting, we'll explain the roles of the other officers needed: Secretary, Treasurer, Recruiter, and Sergeant-at-Arms. Want to get students to fulfill these roles if at all possible.
  • Club promotion
    • We will be present at the Club Fair on September 18th from 2 - 3 pm. Interested students will be asked to sign the club email list to be invited to the first meeting. Nannette Napier will bring food to the first meeting
    • We discussed promoting GGC TM in classrooms, particularly the EAP, English, GGC 1000 and Business Communication classes. We would go out in pairs to speak about TM. Nannette Napier will contact professors to try to arrange these speaking opportunities lasting about 10 minutes.
    • We need to make an announcement in CampusLife newsletter
    • We need to setup some visible signs to advertise the club -- especially on the days we have meetings.
    • Talked about posting a large banner in the Building B atrium for all clubs (similar to the way we had posted flags on international day)
  • First Club meeting logistics
    • Toastmaster of the Day - Kacie; Table Topics Master - Kacie; Speaker - Thomas; Evaluator - Nannette
    • Kacie will send an Outlook invite to all of those that sign the list. That way, we'll have a better idea of who will be attending
    • We will try to get EAP students to commit as timer, word master, grammarian, ah counter.

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