Educational and School Psychology

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Educational and School Psychology

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is the study of how people learn. Educational Psychologist focus on Student Outcomes, teaching processes, and differences in individual learning. They look at all spectrums of learners from the gifted to those in need of special education. Educational Psychologist research and evaluate this things over the lifespan and not just in children or adolescences.

Educational Psychology also involves developmental, behavioral, and cognitive psychology

Topics of Interest:

Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Special Education, Curriculum Development, Organizational Learning, Gifted Learners

Figures in Educational Psychology History

Alfred Binet: Stanford-Binet IQ Test, Simon-Binet Intelligence Scale, Jean Piaget: Genetic Epistemology, B.F. Skinner: Operant Conditioning

School Psychology

School Psychologists work in a school setting to help children with issues they may be having, whether it be emotional, social, or academic. The main goal of a school psychologist is to get teachers, students, and parents on the same page to help the child receive the best school experience possible.

School Psychology was named in 2002 by U.S. News And World Report as one of the top ten "hot professions."

There's a great demand fot qualified school psychologist due to the fact that a lot of current school psychologist are nearing retirement.

School Psychologist help others more about child development, behavioral problems and behavior management techniques.


Help students succeed, Predictable schedule, Collaborate with community members (counselors, teachers, parents)


High stress dealing with parents/students, Burnout, Hectic schedule and overload of clients


For almost all careers in Educational and School Psychology the more advance the degree and the more experince yields better earning potential.

Educational Psychology

B.A. $20,000 - $25,000 depending on location and the level of experience

Master's $30,000 - $$50,000

Ph.D $60,000 and higher

School Psychology

Average Elementary/Secondary $58,360

Faculty position $57,000

Practicing school psychology with Ph.D $51,000, Master's level $40,000


Educational Psychologist

assessment, research, training,

School Psychologist

schools, 5 major services, some private practice


Journal of Educational Psychology (Published quarterly by the American Psychological Association.)

Educational Psychological Review (International forum of peer-reviewed articles, published by Springer.)

British Journal of Educational Psychology. (Includes original psychological research, pertaining to Education. Published by the British Psychological Society.)


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Other Resources

National Association of School Psychologist

American Psychological Association

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