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Welcome to Dharma!

Brief History

Dharma originated in 450 BC because of the war in bureaucratization states in China. For fear of their safety, Dharmans fled to mountains and took refuge. There they established their home territory where Daoism was a key component of their society. As more people came to Dharma for stability the government adapted. The foundation of the government is Daoism. However, elements of democracy like the United States can be seen. If the six founders do not agree on a principle, there is a vote. At least four founders need to agree for the decision to be made. Maroon and grey represent Dharma perfectly because grey is a neutral color, and Daoism focuses on being peaceful. Maroon is a toned down version of red which means it is still a powerful color, but it is less pushy.

Basic Information

• Landscape- A mountainous land inhabited by a peaceful people

• Mascot- A Pegasus -- a winged stallion with a horn on his head, as seen on our flag

• Colors- Maroon and gray

• Government- Democracy enlightened by Daoism Fantasy City-Crop.jpg

Our Daoist Lifestyle

1. We are one with all things

2. You have the ability to change the world around you

3. Treat nature well and it’ll provide for you

4. There is no crime more onerous than greed

5. Be aware of where a situation has come from and where it’s going

6. Have a communicating community

7. Heavy handed rule is counterproductive

8. Little taxes

9. Yielding to the way of others in the establishment and preservation of relationships

10. Ruling the world is a burden best avoided

11. Take up arms after all attempts at reconciliation have failed. It’s a last resort. Don’t glorify weapons, for to do so is to delight in killing people

12. Have weapons, but have no need for them

13. Don’t direct aggression towards others because you’ll get hurt too

14. You should desire to celebrate and enjoy life not to own, control, or to consume. Know when enough is enough

15. Arrogance is disintegrating. State security depends on knowledge of neighbors and what they know of you

For more information about: pegasus [[1]] how religion can inform democracy [[2]]

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