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I'm a transfer student from Clemson University. As a former economics student, I had to change my major to Marketing upon arriving at GGC due to its lack of an Econ program. However, I have much interest in both fields.

I was born and raised in Dacula, GA (right down the road). In 2006, I graduated from Mill Creek High School. Currently, I am a junior with plans on graduating at the end of summer 2011.


  • Music: I attempt to keep a very extensive music library. I participated in WSBF FM Clemson while up in South Carolina, and refuse to let my iTunes represent anything but this fact. In order to keep up with current releases from the long list of artists I am into, I typically use Rolling Stone.
  • Movies: I easily watch four or more movies within a week. I critically analyze them to give myself a small hobby. I'll usually read Internet Movie Database in order to compare my opinions with the rest of the world. I also enjoy worthwhile shows broadcasted on television.
  • Poker: My favority hobby would without a doubt be poker. I read books written by successful poker players in order to stay on top of my game, in addition to actually playing once or twice a week.
  • Baseball: Baseball has always been my favorite sport, and that will never change (no matter what card games are broadcasted on ESPN). Go BRAVES!

Favorite Links

In addition to the previously mentioned links, I also enjoy checking these sites daily:

  1. NY Times
  3. Gamespot
  4. Facebook


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