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Project 3D


The video that our team worked on shows how difficult it can be using newly-developed software. The purpose of this project was to transpose a real object into a 3D model with the help of a Kinect device. Our attempts at coming up with a finished 3D product have failed hence the lack of resources.

Supporting Materials

  • This is our storyboard




Frame Size

File size

Snapshot from Video

The download

960 × 540

130,202,041 bytes


[Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3DsJiEhV2g&feature=youtu.be]

Technical Details


The music I used in this video: Mission Impossible Soundtrack, Star Wars Theme Soundtrack

Time markers

Item time (min:seconds)
... X:XX
My first transition begins at time: 0:08
My second transition begins at time: 1:19
My third transition begins at time: 1:28
My fourth transition begins at time 2:57
My fifth transition begins at time 3:09
My sixth transition begins at time 3:41
My seventh transition begins at time 4:05
My title sequence begins at time: 0:04
My credit sequence begins at time: 4:05
My first still image begins at time: 3:01
My second still image begins at time: 3:05


The unique effect I added was: <Comic Book>
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